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Maria Pie is a sleek panty hose clad vampire who sits in the dark, waiting for her prey, a pretty blonde schoolgirl named Aurelika. Her eyes flash an unnatural color of red, letting you know she's not just an ordinary woman. She beckons the girl to sniff and stimulate her stocking covered crotch, which further awakens Maria's sexual hunger. The girls magically change into salacious outfits for a rough strap on fucking. It's the only way Maria can get satisfied. The strapless dildo, lubed up, slips in and out of the pretty girl's pussy, while stimulating Maria at the same time. After a hard strap-on pounding, the vampire's hunger is sated, for now. This spooky Halloween scene will send shivers up your spine and down into your pants.

Added: October 26, 2014

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Lesbian sex was never this hot

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